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Dan Brown Phone Number, Email, Fan Mail, Address, Biography, Agent, Manager, Publicist, Contact Info

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Dan Brown Biography

Dan Brown’s parents, Richard G. Brown, a mathematics teacher, and Connie Brown, a music professor, met while he was a child in Exeter, New Hampshire. He was the oldest of three children and was brought up as an Episcopalian by his parents. Throughout his life, Brown has been comfortable dealing with a variety of disciplines that the rest of the world considered to be diametrically opposed to one another.

Brown benefited from growing up in a home where science and religion coexisted harmoniously, allowing him to experience the best of both worlds. Science was built on the basis of evidence and hypothesis; religion was built solely on trust in a supernatural being or force. From an educational standpoint, Brown graduated from Philips Exeter Academy and then went on to study at Amherst College.

Brown was a very involved student while at the institution. He was a member of the Psi Upsilon fraternity and a writing student of visiting author Alan Lelchuk, who was also a member of the fraternity. He was a member of the Amherst Glee Club and enjoyed squash as well. Brown traveled to Seville, Spain, in 1985 to take an art history course at the University of Seville, which he completed.

In 1986, he graduated from Amherst College in Massachusetts with a bachelor’s degree. After graduating from college, Brown decided to pursue a career in the music industry. A synthesizer was purchased, and he began developing effects with it. He also created and published the children’s tape SynthAnimals. Song titles such as “Happy Frogs” and “Suzuki Elephants” were featured on the album. The cassette was a moderate success, selling around a few hundred copies worldwide.

Date of Birth 22 June 1964
Age 57
Birthplace Exeter, New Hampshire, United States
Zodiac Cancer
Nationality American
Profession Author
Phone Number Private

Dan Brown Career

Brown’s success with SynthAnimals prompted him to start his own record label, Dalliance, in response to the popularity of the band. In 1990, he self-released a CD entitled ‘Perspective,’ which became a hit. His second album, in contrast to his first, was aimed squarely at teenagers. Only a few hundred copies of it were sold as well.

Brown came to Hollywood in 1991 to seek a career as a singer-songwriter and pianist, which he did successfully. However, since his musical career was not progressing in the manner in which he had hoped, he turned to teach Spanish at the Beverly Hills Preparatory School in order to earn a consistent salary and get some financial assistance.

Brown became a member of the National Academy of Songwriters and participated in a number of events hosted by the organization. Among others who assisted him were Blythe Newlon, who went out of her way to assist him by marketing his projects, drafting press releases, setting up promotional events, and connecting him with the who’s who in the business. Blythe Newlon was important in his success.

Brown returned to his home state of New Hampshire the next year. He became a teacher in order to provide for himself and his family. During his time at his alma school, Philips Exeter Academy, he taught English to kids in grades 6 through 8, as well as Spanish to students in grades 7 and 8 at Lincoln Akerman School.

In 1994, Brown launched his second project, a CD named ‘Angels & Demons,’ which was well received. ‘Here in These Fields’ and the devotional song ‘All I Believe’ are only a few of the numerous pieces that can be found on the CD. Dan Brown’s life was radically altered when he happened to read the book ‘The Doomsday Conspiracy’ Sidney Sheldon by accident. Following the publication of this novel, Brown was inspired to pursue a writing career as a result of the clarity of the language and the speed with which the tale was handled.

The book ‘Digital Fortress’, which is Brown’s first thrilled-based fiction, was written in order for him to pursue writing professionally. He decided to base it in Seville, where he had previously spent a year in 1985. In 1996, he decided to leave the teaching profession. It was two years later, in 1998 when the game ‘Digital Fortress’ was published.

Brown has written two humorous books, ‘187 Men to Avoid: A Guide for the Romantically Frustrated Woman’ and ‘The Bald Book,’ which are also available on Amazon. Both were published under the pseudonym “Danielle Brown,” but the latter was officially attributed to his wife. Brown’s next two novels, ‘Angels & Demons’ and ‘Deception Point,’ were published in the following years, namely in 2000 and 2001.

Brown introduced the main character of Robert Langdon, a Harvard symbology specialist, in Angels & Demons, which was the first novel in which he appeared. Brown’s fourth book was the catalyst for the author’s meteoric rise to unprecedented heights, which began with the publication of his third work. The novel ‘The Da Vinci Code’ not only outperformed its predecessors, but it also rose to the top of the New York Times Best Seller list during its first week of publication in 2003, earning the title of “Best Novel of the Year.” As of 2009, it has sold a total of 81 million copies worldwide.

It was such a success that it boosted sales of Brown’s other novels, which were already doing well. In 2004, he had four novels published in the same week that appeared on the New York Times bestseller list. “Inferno” is the newest novel from Dan Brown’s pen, and it was published in 2013. Like its predecessors, Robert Langdon serves as the main protagonist in this novel as well. ‘Inferno’ shot to the top of the book charts in both the United States and the United Kingdom, selling more than 580,000 copies in its first two weeks alone.

Dan Brown Net worth, Salary

Dan Brown’s net worth is estimated to be around $76.5 million dollars.

Body Measurement, Height, Weight

He is 6′ 1″ tall and weighs 80 kilograms. His hair is a dark brown color, and his eyes are a bright blue color.

PERSONAL PROFILE:                                

  • Name: Dan Brown
  • Date of Birth: 22 June 1964
  • Age: 57
  • Place of Birth: Exeter, New Hampshire, United States
  • Birth Sign: Cancer
  • Occupation: Author
  • Nationality: American

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Dan Brown Official Contact Details:

1. Dan Brown Instagram Official Handle –

He has an account on Instagram in which she uploaded his Videos as well as Pictures on Instagram. If you want to follow Dan Brown then you can visit Dan Brown’s Instagram Profile by visiting this link – https://www.instagram.com/authordanbrown/

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He has a page on Facebook in which he uploads his pictures. If anyone wants to see Dan Brown’s latest pictures then you can visit Dan Brown’s Facebook Profile by visiting this link – https://www.facebook.com/DanBrown

3. Dan Brown Twitter Official Handle –

He is also active on his Twitter handle. He uploads his latest pictures and video updates. If you want to see then you can visit Dan Brown’s Twitter Profile by visiting this link – https://twitter.com/authordanbrown

4. Dan Brown Phone Number / Whatsapp Number (Official) –

Here you will find the Phone Number of Dan Brown – (212) 206-5600 his Phone number / Whatsapp Number.

5. Dan Brown Email id (official) –

Here you will find the Email id of Dan Brownwebmaster@danbrown.com his Email id.

6. Dan Brown’s Agent or Manager’s Contact Details –

You can find Dan Brown’s Agent or Manager’s Contact Details including their number or email here – (212) 206-5600 and webmaster@danbrown.com Dan Brown’s Agent Contact Details.

7. Dan Brown Official Website –

Here you will find the Official Website of Dan Brownhttps://danbrown.com/

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Fanmail Address of Dan Brown

Dan Brown
Sanford Greenburger Assoc.
55 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10003
Ph. no- (212) 206-5600
Email id- webmaster@danbrown.com

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