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Tony Iommi Biography

A British guitarist by the name of Anthony Frank Iommi, he was born on February 19, 1948. He was a co-founder of the English heavy metal group Black Sabbath and served as the group’s guitarist, leader, principal composer, and only enduring member for nearly fifty years.

On the list of the “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time” published by Rolling Stone magazine, Iommi came in at number 25. Iommi’s playing technique was greatly impacted by an accident that occurred on his last day of employment in a sheet metal factory when he was a teenager and lost the tips of his right middle and ring fingers.

He briefly left Black Sabbath (then known as Earth) in 1968 to join Jethro Tull, but the band did not release any music, and he later joined Black Sabbath again in 1969. Iommi, his debut solo album, was released in 2000. Fused, his fifth solo album, features Glenn Hughes, a former bandmate.

He founded Heaven & Hell after the release of Fused, but the band split up in 2010 following the passing of Ronnie James Dio.Iron Man: My Journey Through Heaven and Hell with Black Sabbath is the title of Iommi’s book, which was released in 2011.

Iommi, the only child of British-Italian parents Anthony Frank Iommi and Sylvia Maria Iommi (née Valenti, born in Palermo), was born in Birmingham. Iommi was born to an Italian immigrant mother, therefore he was granted Italian citizenship as well as British citizenship.

Sylvia’s ancestors owned Italian vineyards.Although the family was Catholic, they hardly ever went to Mass.The living room served as both the shop’s stockroom and a gathering spot for locals in their family’s home in Aston’s Park Lane neighborhood. His mother managed the business while his father worked as a carpenter.

Iommi, who was born and raised in Handsworth, Birmingham, attended Birchfield Road School, the same institution where future bandmate Ozzy Osbourne studied a year behind him.Iommi slipped and wounded his top lip when he was 8 or 9 years old while being pursued by another boy.

As a result, he was given the moniker “Scarface,” which increased his sense of shame over the scar; as a result, he finally developed his signature moustache to hide it.Iommi started working out at around age 10 and picked up judo, karate, and eventually boxing as a way to defend himself against the neighbourhood gangs that gathered there.

He planned on working as a bouncer someday.Iommi originally intended to play the drums, but as a youngster, influenced by artists like Hank Marvin and the Shadows, he decided against it due to the overwhelming noise. His left-handed guitar playing has never changed.

Iommi worked for a while as a plumber after finishing school before moving on to a factory that made rings. He claimed that he once had a job in a music store but left after being wrongfully accused of stealing. Iommi has been a member of a number of blues/rock groups, the Rockin’ Chevrolets being one of the first, from 1964 to 1965.

Date of Birth 19 February 1948
Age 48 years
Birthplace Handsworth, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Zodiac Pisces
Nationality American
Profession Guitarist
Phone Number Private

Tony Iommi Career

The band enjoyed consistent bookings. Iommi eventually became a member of The Birds And Bees, and when they were given the chance to work in Germany, he chose to leave his manufacturing job in order to take advantage of the opportunity.

Iommi was a member of the Rest from 1966 until 1967. Bill Ward, who played drums and sang in the band, was Iommi’s first encounter with the future Black Sabbath drummer. Iommi served as Mythology’s guitarist from January through July 1968; Ward joined the band in the middle of the following month.

The band members were fined after authorities searched the group’s rehearsal apartment in May 1968 and discovered cannabis resin. The band had a tough time getting future bookings as most club owners avoided musicians they perceived as drug users, which was the incident’s biggest impact.

Following a performance in Silloth on July 13, 1968, Mythology eventually broke up.Another Birmingham band named Rare Breed disbanded in August 1968, around the same time that Mythology did. After Iommi and Ward responded to an advertisement reading, “Ozzy Zig Requires Gig – has own PA,” in a nearby music store, the singer Ozzy Osbourne joined the group.

Geezer Butler, a bassist who had previously played with Osbourne in the Rare Breed band, was hired along with slide guitarist Jimmy Phillips and saxophonist Alan “Aker” Clarke after Osbourne highlighted the need for a bassist. [31] The six-piece group adopted the moniker Polka Tulk Blues Band.

Phillips and Clarke were let go from the band after only two performances, the last of which was at the Banklands Youth Club in Workington. The group quickly changed its name to Polka Tulk. Iommi’s debut true solo album, Iommi, was released in 2000.

Many guest vocalists, including Ian Astbury, Skin, Henry Rollins, Serj Tankian, Dave Grohl, Billy Corgan, Phil Anselmo, Peter Steele, and Ozzy Osbourne, were featured on the album. Iommi’s second solo album, The 1996 DEP Sessions, was released in late 2004.

Despite being originally recorded in 1996, this album was never formally published. However, a bootleg dubbed Eighth Star offered a copy with a drum track by Dave Holland. Glenn Hughes contributed vocals to the album, and their working relationship continued after the release of Hughes’ third solo album, Fused. Kenny Aronoff, the album’s drummer, completed the trio on the album, which was released on July 12th, 2005.

In order to compose the music for the Black Sabbath series of horror movies, Iommi has inked a contract with Mike Fleiss’ film production business Next Films.Tony Iommi has worked for the Rock Aid Armenia initiative since 1989. The Orders of Honor, Armenia’s highest honour, were presented to Iommi and his colleague Ian Gillan in October 2009 by the Prime Minister of Armenia in appreciation for their assistance following the Spitak earthquake.

In order to raise money for the music school that will be established in Gyumri, Armenia, they formed the supergroup WhoCares and recorded the single “Out of my Mind,” which was released on May 6, 2011.

When stage 3 lymphoma was revealed to be Iommi’s condition in January 2012, the prime minister of Armenia wrote to the musician in support, saying: “We know your spirit is strong as ever, and we do believe the genius of your inspiration that drives you while working on the new Black Sabbath album will transform into a boost of strength and energy that you need now, when things look tough.”

Tony Iommi Net worth, Salary

Tony Iommi’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million dollars.

Body Measurement, Height, Weight

He is 6 feet  0 inch tall and weighs 53 kilograms. He wears a size 9 shoe (US). His hair is a dark brown color, and his eyes are a bright blue color.


  • Name: Tony Iommi
  • Date of Birth: 19 February 1948
  • Age: 48 years
  • Place of Birth: Handsworth, Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • Birth Sign:Pisces
  • Occupation:Guitarist
  • Nationality:American

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Fanmail Address of Tony Iommi

Tony Iommi
Handsworth, Birmingham,
United Kingdom
Ph. no-
Email id-

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