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How to Contact Hasan Piker A: Phone Number, Fanmail Address, Email Id, Whatsapp and More

Hasan Piker A: Six Ways to Contact Him (Phone Number, Email, House address, Social media profiles)

Hasan Piker A: Here we will share six ways to Contact or Text Hasan Piker A(Phone Number, Email, Fanmail address, and Social profiles) in 2022- Are you looking for Hasan Piker A’s 2022 Contact details like his Real Phone number, Email Id, WhatsApp No., or Social media accounts info then you have arrived on the perfect page.

Hasan Piker A Bio, Life and Career:

He is well known for his hasanabi Twitch channel and his role as the live-on-air presenter for the series Pop-Crunch on The Young Turks’ YouTube channel. As a result of the political commentary live streams he hosts on Twitch, he has amassed over 1.8 million subscribers to his channel. This makes him one of the most popular broadcasters on the platform. Piker is a well-known YouTube personality from the United States who is best known for being the presenter of the series Pop-Crunch on the channel The Young Turks.

Piker was born in New York City, although he spent most of his childhood in Los Angeles. He is well-known for the “explainer” videos he has produced, which he produces as a journalist covering the entertainment industry and politics. Hasan Piker was born on July 25, 1991, in New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States, to parents who had emigrated from Pakistan. His father was born in Pakistan, and his mother was born in the United States. Leo is his birth sign according to the zodiac, and he has been around for 30 years. He is a native of the United States of America, having been born in that nation. He has citizenship in that state.

He spent his childhood in Istanbul, Turkey, where he was also born and raised. In addition to being able to converse in three different languages, Piker is fluent in three distinct dialects: Turkish, German, and English. Hasan’s primary residence is in Los Angeles, California; nevertheless, he makes regular trips to Istanbul and the New York metropolitan region to spend time with his family and friends there. Before moving to the United States to continue his education at a university, Hasan Piker resided in Turkey for a considerable portion of his life.

After spending one year at the University of Miami, he transferred to Rutgers University to complete the undergraduate portion of his education. At the University of Miami, he is enrolled in programs leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Business Administration and Management, and Bachelor of General Studies. He was also an active participant in the community on the campus of Rutgers University, where he was a member of many different groups, including Theta Delta Chi and Rutgers Club Basketball.

In 2013, Rutgers University bestowed upon him a Bachelor of Arts in political science and communication, and ever since, he has been employed in the relevant industry. Hasan Piker is involved in various initiatives due to his membership in “The Young Turks,” an anti-establishment media group aimed towards Millennials. In this capacity, he is responsible for several different obligations. Piker is responsible for several activities, including the conception, production, and co-hosting of the daily show “Pop Crunch on Pop Trigger.” This program analyzes recent events in both pop culture and politics.

The Young Turks’ Network has experienced a 4 percent boost in the subscribers it has gained on YouTube since the introduction of Hasan’s Pop-Crunch series. Additionally, the series presently receives almost 50 percent more views on average than the rest of the channel combined. Aside from that, Hasan Piker contributes unique material to the social media sites of The Young Turks, in addition to the stuff he posts on his own Facebook page.

He was The Young Turks’ very first salesman when he joined the firm and is currently in charge of maximizing the material produced by the business. He did this by laying the groundwork for the whole advertising and sales operation framework. The perspectives and topics discussed on the American news and commentary show known as The Young Turks (TYT) lean to the political left and are progressive.

The TYT Network is a multi-channel network focusing on news and current events. The network’s YouTube channel acts as the network’s flagship and is the major source of information for the network. The YouTube channel’s left-wing journalism and left-wing politics are the root causes of its support for egalitarianism and social equality, which are generally seen as being opposed to social hierarchy.

Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, and Dave Koller were the ones who first conceived the concept for this channel. Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and John Iadarola are the three people hosting TYT. Uygur is also acting as a co-host for the show. They are often joined by many in-studio commentators who provide their perspectives on various news topics. Every Friday, the YouTube channel for “The Young Turks” discusses with guests from various fields, including politics, sports, pop culture, journalism, and comedy.

The panel consists of people who are active participants in the TYT community. The first hour of the TYT Power Panel is hosted by Uygur and John Iadarola, while Kasparian hosts the show’s second hour. Kasparian also hosts the program’s second hour, and it features a variety of exceptional fill-in presenters and guests who often appear to maintain the show’s novelty and excitement.

Celebrities such as Jimmy Dore, Jon Ladarola, Becca Frucht, Brian Unger, Car Santa Maria, RJ Eskow, Brett Erlich, Michael Shure, Gina Grad, Samantha Schacher, Jayde Lovell, and popular co-host Hasan Piker are among those who have contributed to the series. Other contributors include Car Santa Maria, RJ Eskow, and Brett Erlich. Hasan Piker is a reporter for The Young Turks, covering news and pop culture trends. He is also regular contributor to Buzzfeed and TMZ’s websites, TooFab.

Hasan also has a channel he runs under his name on YouTube, promoting his videos and overseeing the channel’s content. His YouTube channel, which he created on June 16, 2015, has racked up 173 million views. His YouTube channel has videos discussing politics and current events from around the globe, which he then shares with those who subscribe to his channel. Even though his channel on YouTube has been there for quite some time, he only started uploading videos in 2018 (even though he has a history of doing so).

His first video on YouTube is titled “WHY I’M LEAVING POLITICS TO JOIN TEAM 10,” and it can be seen on his profile. This video has already received more than 23,000 views, even though it was just released on January 25, 2018. More than a million people have watched the video entitled “Gun Girls Gets Publicly Owned By Communists,” making it the most popular upload on his channel. This film was uploaded on January 23, 2020, and from the day it was made available on the internet, it has already amassed 2.8 Million views.

In addition, Hasan is an ardent supporter of various Muslim organizations. A few groups, including Islamists for Progressive Values, March for Our Lives, and Black Lives Matter, are examples of those with whom he has collaborated on different political projects. Piker is a well-respected individual due to the fervent advocacy that he has shown for social and economic fairness. In addition, he is an advocate for intersectional feminism, LGBTQ+ rights, Muslim rights, pro-peace movements, gun control, and sustainable energy initiatives, amongst other issues.

Rutgers University granted him a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and communication in 2013, allowing him to graduate with that degree. At the time of the event, he had already been sworn to their organization by his fraternity, Theta Delta Chi. Soon after he started working for the Young Turks in 2014, he was promoted to the role of advertising producer, became a producer working full-time, and now an on-air performer. The debut of his Pop-Crunch series on The Young Turks Network led to a rise of 4% in the number of subscribers to his channel on YouTube.

Additionally, he was the business manager for the group at one point in his career. In 2021, when he and his pals celebrated Halloween, he dressed up as one of the characters from the television program Squid Game. In August of this year, Hasan Piker criticized Congressman Dan Crenshaw for his activities while participating in a broadcast on Twitch. Piker, a member of the House of Representatives in the United States, expressed his opinion publicly over his long-standing opposition to the shipment of armaments to Saudi Arabia.

As a result of the fact that he had been injured in the line of duty and had lost an eye, he was perplexed as to why Crenshaw would be opposed. As a direct consequence of the conversation, he took issue with this particular dispute. During his life, he was romantically involved with Janice Griffith. Pornography is how she makes a life for herself. You can see below that he has included his ex-girlfriend in some YouTube videos he uploaded to his channel.

His eyes are blue, and his hair is brown. His chest, waist, and hip dimensions are all the same, coming in at 38 inches, 33 inches, and 36 inches, respectively. His other physical measures are the same as well. He is much more attractive because he has a macho figure and an extremely pleasant and stunning face. In addition, he has dark brown hair and eyes, which, when combined, create a striking appearance.

Hasan Piker A Profile-

  1. Famous NameHasan Piker A
  2. Birth Sign- Leo
  3. Date of Birth–  July 25, 1991
  4. Birth Place– New Brunswick, New Jersey
  5. Age -31 years (As 0f 2022)
  6. Real nameHasan Piker A
  7. Parents– Father: NA, Mother: NA
  8. Sibling– Murat Piker
  9. Height–  6 feet 3 inches
  10. Profession– Internet personality

Hasan Piker A‘s Real Phone Number, Email, Contact Info, and Social Profiles:

Ways to Contact Hasan Piker A:

1. Facebook Page: @Hasan Piker A

2. YouTube Channel: @Hasan Piker A

3. Instagram Profile:@Hasan Piker A

4. Twitter:@Hasan Piker A

5. Phone Number: +1(213)286-9752

6. Fan Mail Address:

Hasan Piker A
New Brunswick,
New Jersey

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